Green Drinks!

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Hey everybody! It's nice outside!
If you have any interest in seeing the Augusta Project and/or meeting other area individuals interested in sustainability issues over a drink or two, we'll be hosting this month's Greendrinks at 4600 Augusta Ave on Thursday, March 18. Come on by! The home is in its final phases of construction allowing an opportunity to get a glimpse of what the finished product will be while still being able to discuss all the cool green building techniques and products that have been incorporated into the structure itself. 

We'll also be hosting a month of informative open houses once construction is complete (per LEED AE1, natch) to promote local interest and awareness of green design. So there should be loads of warm and sunny opportunities to check out the house.

Throughout the project I've had to periodically remind myself of the larger goal of this project, and I think now is as good a time as any to really attempt to re-articulate it on paper- or, in this case, liquid crystal. 

The Augusta Project is not a home for a private client; it will be sold on a supersaturated housing market. While not entirely absent, sustainably designed and built construction remains somewhat inaccessible in the region for a variety of reasons that I won't get into right now. To oversimplify a bit, our goal throughout has been to illustrate that good sustainable design is accessible. 'Accessible' is a pretty generic word, but we're essentially trying to remove as many obstacles as possible- real or perceived- from between home owners and sustainable design. We adopted a contextual aesthetic approach. Economically, the house has to compete with houses across the city. We continue our educational efforts through this blog, a VCA lecture, Greendrinks (next week!), future open houses and tours, a sort of home owner's "user manual," and an ongoing documentary.

Ultimately, for green design to be accessible, green designers and green builders have to be accessible. You'll find both at Greendrinks, Thurs. March 18, 5:30 - 7:30. Hope to see you there!


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