Framing Progress

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Apologies for the delay in posting; it's been a busy week. As you can see in the photo, the second floor and the roof are already up with the blue SIS (Structural Insulated Sheathing) panels. Look through the gallery for more progress photos; while we didn't get any posts up, we still manged to get out and take pictures a few times this week.

This week has really illustrated that a huge part of designing "green" is really just designing accurately and economically. More on this later. Everyone enjoy your weekend!


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2 Responses to "Framing Progress"

  1. zach Says:
  2. cool project. i'm gonna pass this along to payne, i'm sure he'll be interested.
  3. evan Says:
  4. thanks zach; that would be great. i should have shot him a line a while ago.

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