The Future's So Bright...

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"Things are going great, and they're only getting better"

Richmond is great, and there might be no better time of year to live in old Fist City than sweet sweltering Summer - so long as you can handle the suffocatingly warm embrace of Humidity. In preparation the Augusta Project has recently donned a pair of shades, and while my suggestion of a tasteful tortoise-shell finish was unwisely disregarded for a more trendy louvered shade (Kanye wears those, right? Yes. So zeitgeisty, this house.), the shades should do a decent job of keeping the summer sun off of those big kitchen windows while still allowing plenty of light through. 

Specifically, we designed the louvered overhangs to provide shade across the entire window assembly at noon for the 15 days on either side of the summer solstice on June 21. The shades also get some help in the mornings from fairly large and leafy neighborhood trees. By designing to these constraints we allow the winter sun (which tracks at a lower angle) to provide some passive heat gains at the kitchen and master bath.


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3 Responses to "The Future's So Bright..."

  1. va011101 Says:
  2. This comment has been removed by the author.
  3. Andrew Moore Says:
  4. "Fist City"? I know Richmond's a tough place for green design, but...
  5. evan Says:
  6. Ha! Well, Andrew, CLEARLY you didn't hang out at Twisters in the 90's. Which is probably for the best.... I guess it is semi-obscure and a little antiquated; per

    Fist City (derived from "fifth city", as in the fifth state capitol coming north from Florida, in reference to Richmond's violent reputation)

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